John & Sue Ellen Latini attended the Training in February 2013
March 3, 2013

Reports from John Latini


I wanted to send you an email of some amazing things that have occurred since my wife and I attended The Elijah Challenge last weekend in Virginia.  Earlier this week I was invited to The Forerunner House of Prayer in Port Jervis by Pastor Harold & Sheri Butler.  The Forerunner House of Prayer meets every Saturday night between 6pm-7:30pm and is a group of believers from different local churches.  They also promote this to the local community and serve food, coffee and other refreshments.  Last night (Saturday) at the gathering Pastor Harold had asked if I would share a brief message on what has been going on in my life.

I spoke for about 15-20 minutes and also shared how my wife and I attended Elijah Challenge in Virginia last weekend.  Towards the end of the night Pastor Harold stated he felt lead by the Holy Spirit and asked if I would go around the room and start ministering to people.

Man had been in severe accident

I walked over to man sitting across the room from me and he explained how he had been in a severe accident.  He had to have the entire one side of his body rebuilt & lives in tremendous pain.  I started ministering to him and I checked his legs.  His right leg was much shorter than his left leg.  I commanded his right leg to grow in Jesus name and his leg grew out the same length as his left. 

My wife Sue Ellen joins me ministering healing boldly

At this time my wife got up and started ministering with me (on her own).  This gentlemen said most of his pain was gone but he said he felt like his right side was being stretched.  He also stated he still had pain in his back.  My wife and I commanded the pain in his back to leave.  This gentleman walked all over the place praising Jesus for healing him. 

Pastor Harold’s wife is healed

My wife and I then started ministering to everyone in the room and one by one they all were being healed.  The Holy Spirit’s presence was overwhelming and awesome.  Sheri Butler stated she had a problem in her right arm and she couldn’t lift it over her shoulder without tremendous pain.  My wife and I asked the two women sitting next to her to put their hands on the painful area and we commanded healing in Jesus’ Name. All of her pain left and she could lift her arm completely over the top of her head.  Neck injuries were healed, arthritis was healed, back pain was healed, eye problems were healed (still in awe from this). 

Wife of Baptist pastor (who previously did not believe in 
healing) is healed

A woman we ministered to stated she had severe abdominal pain and had been to the doctors numerous times but they could not find what was causing the pain.  Jesus knew the answer as she was completely healed.  I wasn’t aware of this at the time but after the service this woman (in tears) thanked Pastor Harold for inviting her.  Pastor Harold informed me she was the wife of the Baptist Pastor in town and did not believe in healing until tonight. (AWESOME). 

Pastor Harold’s hearing is restored

At the very end of the night as some were starting to leave Pastor Harold asked for ministry.  He stated he had hearing loss in both ears and a constant ringing that never went away.  I stuck my fingers in his ears and we commanded the ringing to stop and hearing to be restored.  After the first time he said it improved, after the third time he stated the ringing stopped and after about the fifth time he stated he could actually hear himself breath & everything around him seemed much clearer and louder.  All of his hearing was restored! (Jesus is so amazing).

Pastor Harold’s fused disks are healed

Pastor Harold then stated he had fused disks in his back and he lives in constant pain.  We laid our hands on his back and commanded the disks to move into place and to be healed.  Pastor Harold kept saying there was tremendous heat and tingling in his back.  After ministering several times he stated all of the pain was gone and he could move freely.  So many people were healed and it was truly awesome.  All credit and glory belongs to Jesus! (It was so awesome to see my wife be so bold.)

When I got home last night I couldn’t sleep and I broke down before my Heavenly Father, thanking & praising him for his overwhelming love. 

Posting on Facebook

Pastor Harold and Sheri posted the following on my Facebook page after they got home last night:

“John, I was just trying to put into words how amazing God’s Presence and Healing Power was tonight!!! All I can say is that we’re sooo grateful for the healings that took place, Harold & I included, and for the love that totally saturated everyone in the room!!!! John & Sue Ellen… Thank you for stepping out and using the gifts that God’s given you to bless everyone at Forerunner House of Prayer tonight! We’re thanking God for a truly spectacular night with many more to come!!!”

My own mother (a pastor) healed the following day at their Sunday service

This morning (Sunday) at the end of the church service, Pastor Gary (A Branch in the Vine Ministries) asked if anyone wanted prayer.  My mother (Charlene Decker, Gary’s wife) has been very ill with Shingles, Rheumatoid Arthritis and some other issues.  My mother was now using a cane to move around as the pain in her right hip and leg has been very bad lately.  My wife and I went forward and ministered healing to her.  Commanding the Shingles, RA, and pain to leave in Jesus Name.  My wife then asked for my four children to come forward and informed them she wanted them to put their hands on Grandma, stare directly at the pain and to repeat the commands after I said them.  After 10 minutes of ministering to her she stated all of her pain had left and she was now walking in front of the church without her cane.  My mother was crying and praising Jesus for healing her as all of her pain was gone.

“Mind blowing & life altering…”

I am still in awe over the past two days and how amazing God is.  Both my wife and I wanted to thank you for The Elijah Challenge as it has made us realize the authority we have in Jesus Name.  The training not only changed our lives but many lives are being changed and healed.  God is so awesome! My heart’s desire has always been to have my wife ministering with me and PRAISE JESUS it has started.  This truly has been mind blowing & life altering.  The healings that took place over the past few days were truly amazing.  All glory belongs to Jesus!