In 1978, my wife Lucille and I left our American Dream to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth to share the gospel with those living in remote regions of Indonesian Borneo who had never heard of Jesus Christ. Such people had NO HOPE of eternal life.

Before that I had begun work on my Ph.D. thesis at the University of California. But after I was powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1977, we gave up everything—our dreams for the future in America as well as all our possessions. When we left America bound for the mission field in Indonesia, we had no financial support from any church, had not been trained or sent by any mission organization, had never preached a sermon or even taught Sunday School, and had not even yet finished reading the entire Bible. No one in Indonesia had invited us, and no one knew that we were coming. We did not even know exactly what we were going to do for the gospel after arriving in Indonesia. We simply trusted the Lord radically.

And the Lord was extremely faithful. He opened doors for us to preach the gospel fruitfully, planting churches and making disciples over nine years serving in remote regions of West Borneo. Along with great challenges, we witnessed many miracles resulting in many accepting Jesus Christ.

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