“In 2012 my co-worker got into an accident when her car was hit by a semi-truck. She went to the doctor and they took x-rays which revealed that her hip and spine had shifted. She said that her right hip would make a clicking noise and that her lower back and right shoulder were always in pain. She also had spasms in her left leg and the whole right side of her body. When the accident first happened, she was taking muscle relaxants after which she resorted to natural remedies. However, she experienced only temporary relief. For a while she had accepted that she would have to live with this pain for the rest of her life. But six months ago she began to pray that God would heal her.

I had been listening and studying the Elijah Challenge Training Manual for about three weeks. When at work I would listen to the recording of your 2012 Training Event from your website over and over again. There was one part that I listened to several times—when you were in Trinidad and a group of Elijah Challenge trainees were commanding and rebuking the spirit of deafness to leave. So I wrote down the language you used. I asked my co-worker if I could practice what I learned on her, and she agreed.  I took out my sticky note on which I had written the words of commanding and rebuking from your recording, and put my hand where the pain was located. First I told her that after I issue the authoritative commands in Jesus’ name, we would test the healing. So reading from the sticky note I issued commands in Jesus’ name, and I felt her body shift in some way as I laid my hand on her right shoulder. After that she said that she felt warmth from her waist up to her shoulders, and all the pain left instantly. She then tested her healing by performing some movements that would normally cause pain, but she felt nothing.

I spoke with her again the next day, and her healing had remained.”

-Sarhonda Brown, Chicago
October 2014