Berny in California trained with The Elijah Challenge via online videos
August 2013 Report 

On a Saturday in Los Angeles we were blessed to witness the marriage of our youngest daughter to a fine young disciple who is from California. The following morning a committed brother in Christ named Berny visited us in the lobby of the hotel where we were staying. He had found and studied The Elijah Challenge on the internet, and was very interested. Berny brought with him his 87-year-old mother (who was in a wheelchair) and his 10-year-old nephew Jason. He lives in Palmdale, California and attends a Foursquare Church.

Toward the end of Berny’s visit with us he asked me to minister healing to his elderly mother. A few days later he wrote us:

“Yesterday was an awesome experience at the hotel. There are many blessings you shared with us that we appreciate so much.  My mom said that she really sensed that she’s better and her gait is faster than before we met.  My nephew told the story to his mom, who was equally amazed about my mom’s goiter shrinking right before his eyes. My nephew witnessed the power of God with his own eyes.  No matter how many ways (with words) I have explained to him the necessity of leaning on God faithfully, the visual effects [of seeing his grandmother’s goiter shrink] has had a permanent impact in his perspective. In other words two or three years of verbal instructions to my nephew regarding the Gospel and power of God was reduced to merely a few minutes as a result the display of God’s power.  Nothing can replace what the Lord did at that moment.  

My mom and I attended church service later in the evening. We live in the desert in California, and most Christians’ walk of faith is also like a desert…dry, routine, full of clichés.  Just like me, they probably are hungry for more.  They want to draw closer to God and want to develop a deeper relationship with Him. 

Our precious time yesterday at the hotel was the closest to experiencing the glory of God.  I’m like walking on water.”

The following month in August we heard from Berny again:

“My nephew Jason is now on vacation from school so I take him on Tuesdays and Thursdays to a homeless food bank to volunteer; we encounter a lot of sick and injured people.  Miracle healings took place as we follow lessons we learned from your Elijah Challenge videos.  Although not all get healed, we don’t let discouragement hinder us.  We press on.  Also I watch other healers on YouTube for further encouragements and listen to their advice on how to counter feelings of discouragement.

Grandkids challenged to minister to grandparents 

Last Sunday, I visited a very small church in Palmdale (Lighthouse Fellowship Church – also a Foursquare Church) for the first time.  After the service, I ministered to 3 sick people.  I had two children of ages about 12 and 9 years to minister to their grandparents who felt pain. I had both of them lay hands on their grandparents, one at a time.  Both grandpa and grandma were healed of their pain. The grandpa who used to be a bouncer in a bar had felt multiple pains in different parts of his body.  Only his back was healed because he was in a hurry to leave.  The grandma was instantly healed of shoulder pain.  The boys were speechless.  I told everyone who stayed behind to observe that God love kids (Ps. 8:2 and Matt. 19:14).  “Kids,” I said to them with a tone of encouragement, “don’t forget this day.”  They didn’t say a word until they left.  The bouncer asked me if I will be coming back the following weekend.  I had planned not to return but because he asked, I will visit there again this coming Sunday.

All of these unusual events are not possible if not for The Elijah Challenge training videos and your faithful obedience to the Lord.”