Tammy is a Christian attorney and a supporter of The Elijah Challenge.

On Monday, January 25, 2021 we received the following text message from her: “I am still at Methodist Hospital since last Wednesday. Viral multi-focal pneumonia caused by COVID-19, the most serious one. Oxygen level fluctuates between 89 and 94, even with oxygen.” Tammy’s physician described her condition as “severe” and said that she “cannot work for an extended period of time due to her underlying illness.”

Her doctor had informed Tammy that she was minutes away from being intubated on a ventilator. According to him she could also be hours away from death; not many survive intubation.

Later that day (Monday, the 25th) we sent out a prayer request to mobilize prayer and ministry at a distance for Tammy.

On Tuesday the very next day, Tammy informed us that the doctor told her she could go home!


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After returning home, Tammy was preparing for bed that evening and was about to call us for prayer. But our Lord Jesus Himself appeared at her bedside and said, “Why do you want to call them for prayer? I am right here. You can pray to me.”