Endorsement of The Elijah Challenge by Rev. Albert Kang

Pastor Albert Kang, married to Grace, serves as a pastor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia.

Albert wrote: “Your teachings have been most enlightening and balanced. I have always been skeptical about preachers who have the gift of healing but no gift of teaching. On many occasions when they teach, some of them get the theology so confusingly wrong that it becomes detrimental to the ministry. However, you are different – you are a gifted teacher with a clear message about the believers’ authority to heal. Then you prove your message by your anointed action. Apart from these, you also cut out all the frills and get to the real substance.” (continued below…)


Grace & Albert Kang

“Praise God for the training that you both gave to so many servants of Christ. [We] are being blessed by so many, many miracles. Honestly, in my 25 years of ministry, I have never experienced so many miracles in such a short time.”

“God is doing great things. Last night, during our Healing Encounter Session at our outreach center, a sister was healed without laying of hands or even commands. I was just giving some instructions and her lower back pain left her. Amazing! In Perth, this type of healing also happened. Without direct ministry, a sister was completely healed of her arthritic pain in her limbs.”

“We have been so blessed by you and your dedication to bring The Elijah Challenge Training to the churches all over the world. God is definitely using you to begin a movement that is pivotal in changing the direction of the Churches…from powerless to powerful. We are so glad to be identified with you and The Elijah Challenge.”


Wealthy Singaporean ladies minister miraculous healing as Jesus did

A former Brethren Church now among the fastest growing area churches following Elijah Challenge Training

Newly-appointed Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Manila witnesses many miraculous healings and trains others

Many healed as hundreds of Filipino Assemblies of God Pastors train with Elijah Challenge


Healing Miracles @ Healing Encounter Ministry Center, Bukit Rahman Putra, Malaysia

In the beginning of the year, we launched a new Church known as HEM Foursquare Church. “HEM” stands for Healing Encounter Ministry and it was inspired with the verse found in Matthew 9:20 – “and touched the HEM of His garment”. At this center, we provide The Elijah Challenge training to participants who come from various churches. Among the first group of participants are four pastors from a “Charismatic” Brethren Church in Klang. There are other pastors, elders and church leaders who came for training. Some of them are healed even as they learn how to minister healing. Here are two of the reports from this center.

On 22 January 2014, we learn about the Three Offices that God has given us. When Jesus came as the incarnated Son of God, he basically functioned in three offices that the Father gave to him. He was the Priest, Prophet and King. These three offices have been given to the church. However, in our training, we emphasize upon The Kingly Authority that is unlike the Priestly or Prophetic Authority in that this is used for spiritual warfare. We thank God for healing one of the participants after the lesson



On 11 February 2014, we have a couple of new people joining us at the Healing Encounter Ministry Center. Brother Eddy Quay and Brother Peter of Klang join our session for the first time. Brother Eddy leads in worship. There are 14 of us this evening. As expected the Lord confirms His Word by healing the infirm. Take a look at these photos and see if you like to be a part of this training. It is a hands-on training and this means you get to practice what is being taught in the Bible. If God is truly the God of miracles then you can expect miracles to happen. Only believe and do not doubt. Never say that this is not for me. You’ll never what God can do through a disciple who is fully yielded. Contact us at [email protected] or through Facebook


The Lord continued to confirm His Word with signs and wonders in HEM. Pastor Geoffrey Yee got one of his ears healed of hearing impairment when he visited us at HEM Center. A mother and her 15 year-old daughter were healed of their deaf ears which they had gotten this infirmity from a curse that had been with their family for years. The mother explained that her own mother and grandmother all had hearing impairment even when they were young women. We cast out a couple of demons in this center too. God has been really gracious and allow us to minister to people with all types of ailment in this place.


1st Night Service – Healing Miracles @ The House Church of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

On 15th February, we held a concise Elijah Challenge training with the congregation of The House Church of Bangladesh. The pastor is Pastor James Jipu Roy. In a simple sanctuary that was covered with mats and a couple of Persian carpet, the Church members worshiped with great exuberance. As the time allotted was short, I explained from Luke 9 and 10 about power and authority that were given to the disciples. And emphasized that “today, we have the same God- given power and authority”.

The participants were very receptive to the message. When it was time for the healing demonstration, The Lord filled my heart with thrill and joy. Somehow, watching the reaction of these believers, I knew that The Lord would honor His promise to heal. As the infirm stood to receive healing, I explained to those believers about the necessity to forgive the hurts, bitterness, hatred, pain and misunderstanding before they could receive healing. Pastor James led them in a prayer of confession and repentance. Those who were doing the healing were shown how to lay hands and command the diseases to go in the name of Jesus. The healing session then began with great enthusiasm. After the first command, people were being healed. Then, their faith continued to soar, more people were healed. They came forward, giving glory to the Lord for their miracles. Many were in tears. Some were in disbelief that their pain was gone. A man approached me to say that he had no faith in believing that his wife would be healed. A few moments after his negative comment, his wife was healed, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Pastor James was so excited that such miracles actually happened when his members laid hands on the infirm and commanded healing. Praise God for this first night of service at this church in Dhaka.



Leadership Training @ Dhaka, Bangladesh

On 16th February 2014, Pastor James Jipu Roy organized an impromptu leadership training for his church leaders and also some pastors from other churches. This was held at his apartment. The topics ranged from church management, church growth, church leadership to controversial topics such as divorce and remarriage. There were both male and female leaders – all very dedicated to the Lord and they were used by the Lord to heal many during the two healing services that we had at The House Church of Bangladesh.



2nd Night Service – Healing Miracles @ The House Church of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The second night in Dhaka was filled with miracles. This was the Healing Service where people from other religions also attended. By their dress code, we could roughly guess which religion they were from. The sanctuary was crowded with mostly ladies. All the men sat to one corner. In their culture, the husbands do not sit with their wives and daughters. They did not sit on chairs but on the floor which was covered with mats and a Persian carpet. With Pastor James interpreting, I shared the Creation Story, explaining about the source of Sin and how everybody was affected. Then I carefully emphasized about the love of God and His way of salvation through His only Son, Jesus Christ. I challenged the visitors from other religions to accept God’s only Son as their Savior. It was a wonderful sight to see those hands being raised. Pastor James then led them in a prayer of salvation.

After that, I continued with the story of the woman with the issue of blood. How by faith, she pushed the crowd to touch the hem of the garment of Christ. The people responded to message and many stood up for healing. The trained believers responded rapidly and moved to stand in front of all those who wanted to be healed. As the commands rang out, the people echoed them with much faith. Then the results of the faith commands began to come in. People were being healed.

After the service a young man from another religion asked me to pray for his memory so that he could study well. Before I prayed for Him, The Holy Spirit revealed that this young man was ready to be saved. I took time to explain the Gospel to him while his friend interpreted with fervor. When it came to the crucial moment for the salvation decision, he happily said that he wanted Jesus to be his Savior. As I led him in the salvation prayer, he repeated after the interpreted version offered by his friend. The reason why this young man was so receptive to the salvation message was because during the healing session, he was healed of pain in his neck and back which had affected him for a long time.

When we were about to leave the Church, we met a young agnostic. He was receptive to the Gospel message but had many intelligent questions. Thankfully, he was satisfied with all the answers that I gave. After the session, he asked whether he could hug me. Praise God for the seeds of the Gospel that were being sown into the life of this young man.



Healing Miracles @ Maranatha Assembly of God Church, Faridpur, Bangladesh

The Maranatha AG Church, situated at Faridpur District, is pastored by Rev Proshanta Roy. During the first healing service held in its premises, there were pastors and church leaders from other churches. As the church is also a school during the week days, young school children occupied half of the sanctuary. On 17th February, 2014, during the healing session, we unleashed this group of young students upon the infirm so that they could minister healing to the adults. Many adults, who were sick, were their teachers, pastors and parents. God honored the faith of these students and healing miracles were happening everywhere. Chronic back pain miraculously disappeared. There were quite a few with pain all over their bodies but the healing power of the Lord just swept the pain all away. An elderly man was weeping because he could not believe that his pain was gone.Women with arthritic limbs and joints were instantly healed. They tested their new condition by bending, squatting and kicking their legs. Some with digestive problems, bloated stomachs and breathing problems were quickly relieved by the presence of God’s healing power. The local pastors also jumped into the healing steam and exercised their faith in healing the infirm and many were healed through the laying of their hands. Everything was done in an orderly manner and there was no hysteria, people falling down or screaming… without all the emotional hypes. The rippling sound of many voices commanding healing filled the air. And the imposing presence of Jesus Christ was there to bring healing to all. Praise the Lord for touching these residents of Faridpur, Bangladesh. The power of the Gospel was once again made known to this part of the world.



Healing Miracles @ Assembly of God Outreach Center, Megchami Village, Bangladesh

The day was 18 February 2014. Pastor Proshanta Roy invited us to minister at one of his outreaches. We could not anticipate what we would see. In this Megchami Village, which was three hours from Faridpur by public transport, we met some of the poorest villagers in Bangladesh.  Many of these people worked hard in the fields and were not very healthy. When we reached the little house where Pastor Palos and his family lived, a crowd had already gathered to worship. There was no overhead projector or any other media devices. However, the villagers had already memorized all the worship songs. We were enjoying their singing even though we did not understand a single word. Pastor Palos was helping to lead worship, but suddenly he sat down with pain in his side. Quickly, I moved from my seat and laid hands on him. I commanded and ministered healing. Praise God, he was instantly healed of the pain. That was the first miracle of many more to come. Apparently, our Lord Jesus had extra grace for these villagers who are the descendants of migrants brought in from India by the British to cultivate lye. Most are Hindus but since Pastor Palos and his family moved into the village and he has been winning them to Christ. At about 4.30 PM, the sky became dark. Some villagers had to go home and so we had to hurry. Then the temperature dropped rapidly and before too long, it became almost freezing cold. We were not prepared for this change of weather at Megchami village. However, in spite of the cold, the Lord had sent as the heat of His mercy. He had healed all who came to Him by faith. In fact, many were still in a state of shock or disbelief because their pain was gone! Praise the Lord!



Elijah Challenge Training Class @ Darabasail, Bangladesh

On the afternoon of 19th February, 2014, the Bangladeshi pastors and church leaders gathered at the sanctuary for a training session on how to heal the sick with the power and authority of Jesus Christ. We recognized some of these leaders because we had trained them in 2012. So this became a refresher course for them. Pastor Proshanta Roy was my interpreter. Some pastors asked questions about various aspects of the healing ministry. In fact, they were excited about being able to use what they had learned for the evening’s healing rally and also in their own churches. The excitement was in the air and we looked forward to see them in action during the rally.



Healing Miracles @ First Night Healing Rally at Dharabasail, Bangladesh

On 19 February 2014, the villagers and guests gathered at Dharabasail Jehovah Jireh AG Church for the first rally. This healing crusade was part of the annual events initiated by Pastor Paul Sujit. He personally funded a major part of the expenses and this year, the cost of this convention had doubled that of the previous year. However, he continued by faith and trusted God for the financial miracles. On the first night, there were various ceremonies and special items. The time for preaching was reduced to less than 10 minutes. However, the Lord was faithful in confirming His words by healing many. Here are the photos of what the Lord had done to those who came to Him by faith. Praise His glorious name forever.



Healing Miracles @ Afternoon Service, Dharabasail, Bangladesh

On 20 February 2014, Pastor Vinod Chacko    preached a very powerful message, challenging the participants to be faithful to the commandments of the Kingdom of God. At the conclusion, there was a healing ministry. Pastor Vinod invited me to conduct this healing session. The trained believers were at hand to minister along with me. It was amazing to watch how with simple faith, these trained believers were laying hands on the infirm and miracles just erupted every where. Pastor Paul Sujit was most helpful. This 70 year-old brother had the energy of people half his age. He was ministering alone with us and believing for the miracles to happen. Praise God for all those who had been healed by the power of the Lord Jesus.



Healing Miracles @ Second Night Healing Rally at Dharabasail, Bangladesh

Pastor Vinod Chacko    preached a powerful and challenging sermon on 20 February 2014. The crowd responded by faith. Pastor Vinod then invited me to take over the healing ministry time. The trained believers exercised their faith to heal the infirm and great miracles happened. One of the children who came for healing had club feet and she was instantly healed. She began to walk normal and those pastors who laid hands on her just burst out in loud applause. Many with chronic pain in the head, back and limbs were miraculously healed. Those who were oppressed by demons found relief in the mighty name of Jesus. It was a wonderful night of witnessing the mighty move of the Holy Spirit.



Healing Miracles @ Third Night Healing Rally at Dharabasail, Bangladesh

February 21 2014 is the final night rally. More people arrived from all over the regions. Once again, there were ceremonies and performances. My sermon was reduced to a short 15 minutes affair. However, the primary emphasis was upon Christ the Great Healer and He indeed turned up to heal many. These photos serve as testimonies to what God had done among His people in Bangladesh. May God raise up many disciples to reap the harvest in this land.



Ministering Healing from House to House in Bangladesh

On 22nd February, 2014, we went from house to house to minister healing. Pastor Paul Sujit walked very fast. We could hardly keep up with this 70-year-old brother. We had the privilege of ministering healing to Pastor Paul’s uncle in one house and his cousin in another house. We also prayed for some Christian villagers in a third house. A farmer’s wife who wept because her crops were infested with pests and she needed a miracle. We prayed for her and her crops. We prayed for the harvest to be free from pests. As we walked around the village, we came across large cement crosses on the ground and were told that these are graves. The Christian villagers love to keep their dead loved ones nearby as most graves are in their garden or near the vicinity of their homes. It was a wonderful experience to visit these villagers and observe how they live and worship God in their homes.



Healing Miracles @ Dhaka House Fellowship, Bangladesh

On 23rd February 2014, this was to be our final ministry in Dhaka before we flew back to Kuala Lumpur. Pastor James Jipu Roy    initiated this meeting. A group of believers, many from the Catholic background, had gathered with great expectation for the Lord to touch them. With Pastor James interpreting, Pastor Vinod Chacko    challenged them with the powerful Word of God. With their hearts ready, it was easy for me to explain about the power and authority to heal in the name of Jesus. After that we ministered healing. The Lord confirmed His Word by healing the infirm. That night, many rejoiced because they met the Lord and experienced His healing touch upon their bodies. Praise the Lord.



Healing Miracles @ Harvest Community Church, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Harvest Community Church is located at Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The pastor is Rev Steve Chang. During this service on 2nd March 2014, the Lord confirmed His Words with miracles. A brother who had back pain from Ankylosing Spontylitis was instantly healed. A sister with numbness in her legs was also miraculously healed. Those who back pain and other infirmities all testified to God’s healing power upon their bodies. Praise the Lord.



Healing Miracles @ Goldhill Home Cell, Singapore

On 17th March, 2014, Pastor Grace and I had the privilege to share on the topic of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the members of Goldhill Cell at Brother Bt Khoo   ‘s and Sister Lee Peng’s home. After which we prayed for cell members to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Then there was a time of healing too. In fact, Brother Khoo was healed of his one deaf ear when he first met me in Baguio a couple of years ago, And now, he is also ministering healing by faith. Praise God for those who were touched and healed by the Lord. Jesus never fails! 



Healing Miracles @ Covenant Vision Christian Church, Singapore

Born into a family of pastors, Rev Francis Khoo was a lawyer and a successful businessman before he was called into full-time ministry. Subsequently, the Lord led him and his wife, Sister Shirley, to establish Covenant Vision Christian Church   in 2008. Today, it is a growing church with big vision to extend the kingdom of God. Sister Grace and I were privileged to minister at this church on 23 March 2014. The congregation responded by faith and many infirm were healed in the mighty name of Jesus. We believe that Covenant Vision Centre will become a centre where great signs and wonders will happen. Many will be healed and saved in this place. 



Healing Miracles @ White House Community Church, Perth, Australia

On the morning of 6th April 2014, Pastor Dywen called to inform us that Pastor Ashley Van Wyk of White House Community Church had requested for Pastor Grace and me to minister the Word. Apparently, the night before, Pastor Ashley just read the email sent by Pastor Dywen L Lauren and felt that the Lord wanted us to minister at his church. This was to be the first church that we ministered in Perth. The Holy Spirit shown up with such healing power that many were healed without hands being laid on them. A sister was weeping while she testified how she had suffered chronic back pain for a very long time. She had asked many people to pray for her but to no avail. Then on the fateful day, we received her healing not because of prayer but healing command. She said that she still could not believe that this miracle actually happened to her. People with neck pain, joint pain and all types of physical infirmities were receiving their healing miracles. Later, the pastor expressed with great relief that finally the last “square” which is “Christ the Healer” has finally returned to his Foursquare Church. The other three squares are Christ the Savior, Christ the Baptizer and Christ the Soon-coming King. Praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to minister with the Lord’s power and authority in this Foursquare Church and also for the signs and wonders to be returned to this church.



Healing Miracles @ Perth Home Cell, Perth, Australia

On 9th April 2014, Pastor Grace and I were invited to meet some of the members of my former church at Bro Meng Kong Tan   ‘s and Sis Gina Teh   ‘s home. It was great to meet Bro Timothy Balakrishnan    and his sister, Priscilla Balakrishnan-Tan    again. Many of the cell members also turned up and so we took the opportunity to share about the Power and Authority to heal in the name of Jesus. By the grace of God, Bro Meng Kong was healed of his chronic backache. Bro Kong was healed of his deafness in one ear which had no eardrum.The brother who ministered healing to Bro Kong was the son of an elder in my former church in Singapore. Brother Timothy Bala had great faith when he learned about the healing method of The Elijah Challenge. He told God that he wanted the toughest infirmity to minister healing. When Brother Kong said that he had no eardrum since birth, Brother Timothy quickly took the challenge and went forward to minister to him. And because of faith, Brother Kong’s ear was opened. He could hear clearly! 

Another interesting healing with Brother Kong’s wife – Sister Meng. This sister was suffering from pain in her legs. While we were explaining and teaching, she received her healing even without the laying on of hands. A few other sisters and brothers were healed of their back pain and other infirmities. Sister Gina had no more pain in her side. A sister with sinus problem was also healed/ Praise the Lord for touching all these brothers and sisters



Healing Miracles @ Inaugural Service of The Overcomers Foursquare Church, Perth, Australia

The Inaugural Service of The Overcomers Foursquare Church, held on 12 April 2014, at the Salvation Army Auditorium, 325 Barker Road, Subiaco, was not just to be a time for ceremonial programs but a glorious time of divine healing. The Lord confirmed His Word by healing the visitors and church members. Many with pain in the back were healed. Those whose limbs had been restricted in movements were set free. People with migraine headaches were healed. There were those with pain in almost every part of their bodies were completely set free. A boy whose grandparents and mother had brought him was healed of deafness in one ear. The presence of the Lord was touching lives. It was a great beginning for a young fledgling church. We believe that The Overcomers will grow by leaps and bounds. Do pray for Pastor Dywen L Lauren    and her dedicated team of God’s servants. Pray that they will continue with the vision that God gave them and that they will grow from strength to strength.



Healing Miracles @ Mustard Seed Fellowship, Perth, Australia

Praise God for the faith-response of the participants of this Elijah Challenge Training. The Lord’s presence was really intensified and He confirmed the Word with signs and miracles. Many were healed on this night (10 April 2014) at this training session organised by Pastor Dywen L Lauren   , the pastor of The Overcomers at the Mustard Seed Fellowship, Unit 7/83 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale 6155, Perth, West Australia. Thanks to Pastor Mark Goldstone for the usage of his church’s premises for this healing seminar.



Healing Miracles @ Mustard Seed Fellowship, Perth, Australia

The second night (11 April 2014) of Elijah Challenge training was once again filled with testimonies of divine healing. There were new participants and many responded by faith to the healing touch of our Lord Jesus Christ. A couple of very elderly folks were gloriously healed and they could move their limbs and bodies without pain. An Australian brother was healed of arthritic pain in his legs. Many were healed of migraine headaches, chronic back pain and problem in the respiratory organs. The faith the trained believers had increased by many folds as they continued to command and heal the infirm by themselves. Praise the Lord! This training session is organised by Pastor Dywen L Lauren, the pastor of The Overcomers at the Mustard Seed Fellowship, Unit 7/83 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale 6155, Perth, West Australia. Thanks to Pastor Mark Goldstone for the usage of his church’s premises for this healing seminar.



Healing Miracles @ Mustard Seed Fellowship, Perth, Australia

On 13 April 2014, the congregation of Mustard Seed Fellowship experienced a special touch of healing power by the Lord. As trained believers laid hands on their fellow church members, healing miracles began to happen. Here is an email from Dr. Mark Goldstone, the pastor of Mustard Seed Fellowship, that states what happened on that Sunday. Dear Pastor Albert and Grace. I want to thank you for the time that you spent with us over the previous week. We gained much by association with Dywen through your ministry and God’s hand is clearly on the things that have been happening. Testimonies To re-iterate, the following people within our Church have seen either complete healing or a marked improvement in their symptoms. 1. Sandie – my wife. She is a medical doctor who has been struggling with a “frozen shoulder” for over two year. She has used all conventional medical means apart from surgery and has also used a number of non-conventional techniques. None have worked. However, following our initial meeting on Thursday she reports that her shoulder is no longer stuck and that the pain has diminished to the point that we confidently expect full recovery. 2. Geoff – Geoff is a licensed minister who has nevertheless struggled with a “bad” back for many years. I say “bad” back because Geoff has undergone multiple surgery and his back has been reinforced with multiple titanium pins and plates. In spite of this he has been in incredible pain for a long time. On Sunday he reported a significant reduction in pain following the healing service which has persisted until now. We will repeat the healing process on Sunday, however for this person, the reduction in pain is nothing short of miraculous even if the pain has not fully gone. 3. Richard – Richard is another long term bad back sufferer who is now pain free. 4. Lydia – my daughter. Lydia had a viral infection that led to her being hospitalised two weeks ago. Following discharge she has continued to have horrible headaches and dizziness, which has hindered her ability to study as a Christian counsellor at Tabor College. Since the healing service her headaches and dizziness have gone away. 5. Stephen – We have been waiting for Steve to make a commitment to Christ for over a year. He has been attending, with his wife and although he clearly prays and worships he has so far avoided any commitment. On Sunday this changed and he made a commitment. Heaven rejoices! Steve is a degree qualified Geologist. As you know I am a PhD qualified scientist with three separate science degrees – two of them from a world top ten university, so I am not easily fooled. There was no emotionalism with your message and the approach appears to be both rational and Bible based – no one was forced to say they were better when they were not and there were an awful lot of surprised faces. That is; they had come forward expecting nothing and were surprised when their symptoms disappeared! Please keep in touch Mark Goldstone (Dr).



Healing Miracles @ SIB Church, Likas, Sabah, Malaysia

On 19th April, 2014, from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM, about 70 participants attended the Elijah Challenge Healing Seminar. Many were formerly trained by our mentor, Brother Bill, some years back. They had stopped ministering to the infirm because, as some of them confessed, they were discouraged when they failed to heal some people. This seminar served as a refresher course for them and with renewed faith and spiritual vigor, they laid their hands upon the infirm and miracles happened. During the first command, most experienced improvement in their condition but none was fully healed. The second command brought forth better results. People were 100 percent healed of various ailments such as frozen shoulders, back pain, knee injury, arthritic joints, and migraine headache. A brother was also healed of his partially deaf ear. The power of The Lord was there to heal once again, when the believers at SIB, Likas, took definite steps of faith to believe and act according to His will. The pastor of SIB Likas is Rev Lee Lee Dusing. Her husband, Rev Jerry Dusing is the president of SIB Subah. The church is situated at Lorong Saga, Likas, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.



Acute Back Pain Healed At Healing Encounter Center, Bukit Rahman Putra, Malaysia

We had a miracle healing at our Healing Encounter Center on 23 April 2014. Praise the Lord! Sister Lilian Lam, who found out about our healing center, came with an acute lower back pain. She had the pain since Sunday. The pain was so excruciating that she had to go to the doctor on Monday. From the initial X-ray report, she’s suspected of scoliosis. She’s then referred to an orthopedic surgeon. She came to Healing Encounter with chronic back pain that had restricted her movements. She had to climb the stairs slowly to the Healing Encounter Center. She had problems bending, squatting, twisting, running, etc. Lying down on the bed was the worst. When she lied down, she couldn’t turn abruptly to the left or right. When she was on her back, she couldn’t just sit up in bed. She had to slowly roll to the side before being able to sit on the bed. Pastor Janice Liew and Sister Grace ministered healing. They laid hands on the affected lower back and commanded in the name of Jesus. After three rounds of healing commands in the mighty name of Jesus, she was gloriously healed!  To test whether she was really healed, she actually laid down on a row of chairs and was able to get up without much effort. She then walked down the stairs, at first slowly, and realizing that her pain was gone, she ran back up the stairs. She was able to bend and squat without pain at all. In the morning, when she took the train to work, Sister Lilian said that she could actually run after and board the train without much effort. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!



Healing Miracles @ Haggai Seminar in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Rev Albert Kang was facilitating at Haggai Institute in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 14th May 2014. During the breaks, some Haggai participants were keen to learn how to heal the infirm in the name of Jesus. It began with one sister who was miraculously healed of her back pain as another sister laid hands upon her. Some of the other participants became interested and after learning from the Scriptures about God’s power and authority to heal, they took courage and ministered healing. Praise the Lord for the faith of these dedicated servants of God. The healing miracles actually happened as they laid hands and commanded healing with the authority and power of the Lord. The Lord healed when all responded by faith.



Healing Miracles @ Word of Life Church, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The Word of Life, founded by Pastor Edwin Koh and Pastor Caroline Koh, is a four-year old church that is situated at No. 5A, Jalan Indah 8/13, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. On 16th and 17th May 2014, the Church gathered to learn The Elijah Challenge’s approach to healing. With simple faith, the participants trusted the Lord to use them to minister healing and the result was astounding. People were healed by the power and authority of the Lord that resided in the believers. Praise the Lord.



Healing Miracles @  Emmanuel Baptist Church Camp in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

We thank God for Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kuching. From 5th to 8th June 2014, Grace and I had the privilege of ministering at their English Church Camp and also in their Sunday’s worship service. The brothers and sisters are so open to the move of the Holy Spirit. There were many healing miracles but most importantly, many participants were able to minister healing on their own. We really appreciate Pastor David Quey and Pastor David Cheng Lip Kiong    for inviting us to minister at their English Camp.



Healing Miracles @  Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

On 8th June 2014, we ministered at the Sunday Worship Service in Emmanuel Baptist Church. The sermon that I shared was “Unexpected Blessings”. The message was about “God is willing to bless you with more than you can imagine”. There were those who attended church without the expectation of a miraculous healing.  Once again the Lord confirmed His Words with signs and wonders. Church members who missed the Church Camp were exposed to the Elijah Challenge’s approach to divine healing. Many trained participants helped in laying hands and commanding healing. Praise God for healing all who came by faith.



Healing Miracles @ Seremban Life Assembly, Seremban, Malaysia

On 15th June 2014, Pastor Grace and her parents joined me in ministering to this group of excited people. Their faith was evident and the Lord confirmed His Words with many healing miracles. We rejoiced to see how the members of this Church exercised their faith and healed many by themselves. These photographs serve as testimonies to the glory of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

The Father’s Day Celebration at Seremban Life Assembly was in deed a wonderful day of signs and wonders. In November 2013, this young dynamic Church was launched by Elder Dr Philip Kwan, Pastor Dr David Ting and a group of dedicated servants of the Lord. At that time, it had only 25 people. Today, it is many times larger and that makes this Church one of the fastest growing churches in Seremban. In less than one year, the leadership has organised the Church so well that most ministries are already functioning well and people are flocking to their services. People are getting saved and healed there. The new pastor is a good friend of ours – Rev Tan Cheng Leng. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152552010462437.1073741975.537292436&type=1&l=6b2934633a   


Healing Miracles With Dr. Davy Hermanus, Healing Encounter Ministry Center, Bukit Rahman Putra, Malaysia

On Tuesday, 5th August, 2014, we were privileged to have Dr. Davy Hermanus, his wife, Paulin, and their four children with us. We only learned that they were available for ministry one day earlier. So, a quick poster was posted on our Facebook pages and groups. Our little Healing Encounter Ministry center (HEM) was packed with friends and visitors. I was personally thrilled by the message of Dr. Davy. He sounded so much like Brother Bill except that he was speaking in Indonesian and his son, Pierre was interpreting into English. Pastor William is our mentor and the founder of The Elijah Challenge. Dr. Davy had trained some pastors in the Elijah Challenge method of healing and many miracles happened in his country. He showed the video of a woman who had died of a ruptured cyst in her ovary but was raised from the dead. All the toxins in her body was also gone after the resurrection. The woman became a testimony to many who are from the other faiths.

Dr. Davy challenged all to try their hands in healing the infirm. The healing miracles among the participants were fast and amazing. One brother got one of his leg lengthened to match the other leg so that now he is standing normal. Frozen shoulders were healed. Arthritic joints were healed of pain. Demons were also cast out of one person. An elderly sister came under the power of the Holy Spirit and fell to the ground. She was also healed of her infirmity. There were other healing miracles that we have yet to ascertain. 

The children of Dr. Davy and Sister Paulin, namely Pierre, Stefan, Michelle and Angeline all exercise their God-given authority and power in healing the infirm in their daily activities. That night, these children were also boldly ministering to the sick… just as they have been doing during their recent ministry tour in East Malaysia. Praise the Lord for this family of ministers. We pray that they will continue to impact many others by their ministry.



Healing Miracles @ High Praise Church, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

On 17th August 2014, we were celebrating God’s goodness at High Praise Church. His holy presence was there since the worship! Then when it was time for healing, the power of the Lord came upon those who needed healing and touched them! As expected, after the healing commands, the pain just left those who responded by faith. When they came up to testify, we could all see the joy on their faces. What a wonderful God that we have!



Healing Miracles @ Diakonia Church, Rawang, Malaysia

On 7th September 2014, Sunday, there were quite a number of people healed during the service at Diakonia Church at Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia. Headaches, pain in the arms, hands, legs and feet was gone. Back pain left too. Even people with ear impairment were healed.  After the service, An elderly brother who had back pain and leg pain approached us. We commanded healing and waited for his reaction. He just looked kindly into our eyes and said, “No more pain”.  Another elderly uncle saw a middle aged brother being healed of his hearing impairment, he said that he was deaf in one ear. After the first command, he thanked us and said he was hearing something through the deaf ear. We told him something wasn’t enough. He had to hear clearly. After the second command, his hearing had become much better and then on the third command, we tested him by closing his good ear and speaking to his bad ear. Praise the Lord! the elderly brother said that he could hear well. Later, when we passed by him we asked him again and his answer was positive – he could hear from that previously deaf ear. We rejoiced with him. This type of instant miracles always thrills our souls. May we never lost this sense of wonder and awe whenever the Lord confirms His Word by His miracles. Glory to His name! Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152725129822437.1073741995.537292436&type=1&l=55e1085ed6


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Pastor Albert attended the Kuala Lumpur Elijah Challenge Seminar in December 2005. The Lord has used him to plant 16 churches and 3 orphanages in Asia and the USA. His first church in Singapore grew from 23 people to 1,700 within six years. Today, his ministry is based in Malaysia. He serves as a Church Growth Consultant to various churches and also conducts Church Growth Seminars. In June 2007 Pastor Albert become the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia.