Peter Pap of the UK serves with Modern Jesus Army
July 11-14, 2013

The Elijah Challenge trained the leaders of Modern Jesus Army in December 2011

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Editor’s note: Modern Jesus Army is a community of believers who have voluntarily chosen to live as the believers did in Acts 4:32-33. “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all…” It is understandable that the Lord would be pleased to reveal His great power in such an extraordinary way through a “radical” community like Modern Jesus Army.

“The Healing Weekend” took place from Thursday to Sunday and I led a small healing team. It is a very dark-spirited occult showcase, held in the countryside in the Bristol area (England), organized and ran by world famous spiritualist mediums, witches, hypnotherapists, future tellers, reiki healers and so on. It was quite amazing that we were there!

Famous medium outdone by disciples of Jesus Christ

It was an awesome & humbling time. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us. We certainly felt it & knew God’s protection from some of the stuff that was going on. Our pitch was great and the stall holders opposite were warm and friendly. They were just selling clothes & jewellery so we didn’t get distracted or affected by dodgy spirits… The rest of the event was packed with a great spectrum of occult and new age practices – spiritualist mediums competing with each other, tarot card and crystal readers, past-life therapists, reiki healers, future tellers,  psychic mediums, etc. It was amazing to see how their effectiveness was greatly limited though! One of the most famous such mediums told me that he only had 7 visitors on the busiest day, when he expected crowds—when we had over 50 healings at the same time and several people received God! 🙂  

82 infirm people instantly healed

We ministered to a total of 125 people.

82 were instantly healed on the spot from their physical infirmities.
For 25 others, it was not possible to tell at the time due to either no pain at time or the nature of the illness (e.g. cancer, or not physical in nature) we have asked these people to get in touch with us once they can confirm their healing
12 received a measure of healing, at some cases we were assured that the rest of the healing is going to happen soon.
6 did not respond at all. At 2 cases we discerned the need of deliverance but it was not possible to bring it. 
13 were ministered to receive peace or soul healing only – all felt uplifted & received well. We prayed with most of these for God to come into their lives. (This often led to further soul healing and evangelism).
17 we were more open with about the gospel or challenged to seek & follow Jesus and/or received the Holy Spirit into their life. (At least 17, but probably much more as we didn’t always have the time to record these events).
2 clearly accepted Jesus into their hearts.
2 were lost Christians who we helped get back on the right path.
We prayed for at least 4 Reiki healers- pray for Jo and her husband who all suffer with depression. She was very open to receive prayer and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer requests

Pray that everyone we prayed for and received our leaflet with a simple gospel message, and especially those we brought directive words to to follow Jesus will move closer to finding & following Jesus Christ. 

Pray for Maria, who saw no healing from a constant headache which just came upon her when she was driving aged 17. She was very open to being healed but we were not able to bring any to her. (A bit mystified). 
Also the 20 years old Shan Dee, who was very friendly with us through the whole weekend, she received some aspects of the Kingdom with great zeal, but we could not heal her knees. We are not sure why the healing did not take place.
Mandy- who we discerned had been bound up & cursed by a spirit of witchcraft and had multiple health problems including a constant headache which manifest & got so bad we had to stop ministering to her as she was becoming distressed.
Jennifer- diagnosed with terminal liver cancer- another casualty of a messy church situation who had lost her faith. We broke the curse over her. She & Jane also saw a vision of Jesus reaching out to her saying “I’m your healer”. Jennifer recommitted herself to following Jesus and was going to go away & re-read the Gospels to get to know Jesus as a friend again.

Jesus healed woman with terminal bowel cancer

One lady who we ministered to had bowel cancer which had gone into her bones & was terminally ill. She had had a near death experience & believes she saw a vision of Jesus & the edge of paradise. One of her friends came back on Sunday and told us that this lady was now telling everyone that Jesus had healed her.

The New Agers testified: “those people truly love people”

The stall holders opposite us who had witnessed all that went on over the 3 days were telling people “those people truly love people”. The love of God is the one thing the powers of darkness can’t counterfeit. I believe that was our biggest testimony and the reason why even so many of the ‘healers’ and the event team sent people to us or came back again because they felt the love of God amongst us. The event organizers even said to people that if they really want to get healed they needed to come to see us! 🙂

Jayne has the contact details for Gaynor who lives on the Mumbles in Swansea and was very interested in community & said our tent “had the most positive energy of anyone here.” Vanessa’s going to keep in touch with Sally, a casualty of a messy church split who had lost her way, but recommitted herself to following Jesus.

Reiki healer’s own mother amazingly healed in Jesus’ name

One of our “highlights” were this: Wendy (one of the Reiki healers) brought her mum Judith to us with a crumbling spine. Wendy said she could not heal her mum with reiki and she was fed up seeing her mum in such a state. The mum, Judith, was very sceptical, first did not want to receive any healing saying she was not going to be healed as nothing can help her now. Wendy begged her saying “Mum, please at least give a chance!”. We broke the power of unbelief and then went on to minister healing. Her pains stopped immediately (which pains were there for years!). Then it felt like God simply took over. Peace filled the whole place. Extreme heat came into Judith’s back and I could feel her spine bones re-arranging under my hand. When she stood up her previously bent posture changed to completely straight, and neither her or her daughter could hide their amazement of seeing the difference. They were very affected by the healing & very open. Wendy came back next day and told us that her mum told everyone she met about what happened to her in Jesus’ name. Wendy also inherited the same back problem, so we broke the genetic curse and healed her back too. Wendy then came back to us, spent some time there, we got to know her and prayed with her to God for direction in life. I believe she will be born again soon.

We had a few hours of intense battle, but that was a good learning curve for us. So all around it was a fruitful time of outreach with many miracles.

May Jesus be glorified!