“The second day of our June 2017 Shangai Rai Feeding Event in Punjab, India was threatened by rain, but by God’s grace there was no rain until the Event was over.  We just had to pack the food and distribute it to the people. About 300 people raised their hands to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Our host pastor Simon now has no room in his church to accommodate the new believers. Simon, a Punjabi pastor, was trained by Brother Al Hartman during his visit last year to Punjab. After the training his ministry exploded as he taught his congregation how to minister to the sick.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator for North India

Our US-based partner Bill Willis of Feeding Events India shared: 

“(Our North India Coordinator) Simon called to tell me that a eunuch heard about the event and came to hear about Jesus.  In the U.S. we refer to them as transvestites.  Along with about 300 other people he prayed to Jesus for forgiveness of his/her sins. That is not so unusual, as others have come before. What is unusual is that this person is the head of a community of about 150 eunuchs.  
Before leaving the event he asked Simon to come tell this group about Jesus, because they had never heard about him.  Simon agreed and we are planning the event for this fall.  As far as we know, we will be the first ministry to reach out to these men and women. They are shunned and despised in Indian culture, but Jesus loves them and their families and has opened a door for them to hear the gospel. 
Please pray for this often hated minority group.  This gospel event could be their only opportunity to hear the gospel and be set free of the demons that hold them captive.”







Food being distributed at the Feeding Event