Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

We returned home after having a very fruitful Elijah Challenge training at Kotagarh, Kandhamal. The place is just 18 kms from where the main Kandhamal riot started in 2008 with Swami Laxmananda, a top RSS Hindu leader. Many pastors and evangelists who suffered severe persecution during that time were present with us for the Training.


The local Baptist Pastor who helped us arrange the event testified that in his 30 years of full-time ministry he had never come forward to minister to the sick with such boldness. He had come across such cases several times but always tried to hide from ministering to the sick at the front. But at the training he understood the uses of power and authority. He said that this teaching will change his life and ministry.


Ministering boldly to the sick at the front

Around 80 delegates were there from different churches and different areas. Almost all were from a Baptist background, and a few from other denominations.

During the teaching I taught them how to minister to the sick and how to lay hands on them and minister healing at a distance [as Jesus ministered to the centurion’s servant in Luke 7]. It was a completely new teaching for them.

Many miraculous healings took place instantly as we ministered:

A woman had an eye infection for the last two months. We ministered to her there and the pain and infection left instantly.

A gentleman had a bad toothache which was very painful especially at night. We ministered to him and the pain vanished. He said that his doctor had advised him to change toothpaste, and he was also taking medicine for the last three months. Praise the Lord he was healed at that moment.


Ministering healing to gentleman with toothache

“The pain is gone!”

A man who is a church elder had a severe problem in his body. A part of his body was not functioning properly for the last few years, and he was very upset. He had taken medicine but it did not work. Many others went to his house and prayed for him, but he was not healed. Together with a few pastors we ministered to him, and the Lord healed him instantly. Praise the Lord for this great miraculous healing. 

A man had had stomach pain for many days, and the Lord healed him after we ministered to him.

A woman had had a problem with breathing. After walking for a few minutes she would feel pain. She did not have much strength. Jesus healed her and gave her strength.


The aftermath

I received phone calls from a pastor and an evangelist yesterday evening. They shared the following with me:

The pastor had been informed that a young girl who had gone outside for a bath was attacked by a demon spirit. From time to time she would become unconscious, and when she came to she would talk a lot. Her mother called the pastor in the morning to minister to her. He went and rebuked the demon in Jesus’ name. The demon left her.

During a service in his fellowship, the evangelist announced that if anyone is not feeling well, please stand up. A few believers stood up as they were suffering from fever, gastritis, burning body pain and back pain. The evangelist ministered to them at a distance [as Jesus did in Luke 7]. They were all healed instantly. The evangelist was so happy for this great work of God. He shared that this was the first time in his ministry to minister to the sick and to witness such results.

I hope to receive many more reports of miraculous healing in the days ahead from these trained servants of God. Thank you so much for your prayer and support.

-Subodh Kumar Jena
Orissa, India

September 2014