Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena



Bhaliasahi ,Orissa
January 15, 2015

“We returned from a Feeding Event in a remote village called Bhaliasahi where about 160 Hindus accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The Lord was gracious to perform many miraculous healings there and to open up this village for us.


Tribal Hindus accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour

This tribal Hindu village is located in a hilly area. Accompanying me were a few Elijah Challenge-trained believers who were familiar with their language. While most of the people speak their tribal tongue, they could also understand Oriya (the language of the state of Orissa) because while I was ministering I saw people weeping.

After prayer I called those who had been healed by the Lord to come forward. So many came forward to tell us what the Lord Jesus had done for them. Praise the Lord for such a precious opportunity to reach this village with the gospel. Here are just a few of the testimonies I heard.

A woman named Kesari had a tumour in her throat for many years. It was clearly visible. But miraculously it disappeared. When she inserted her fingers into her throat it was no longer there. She used to have difficulty eating, but she was completely healed by the Lord.




A woman named Sulima had been demonized for years, and she had caused a lot of trouble for her family. The villagers brought in many witchdoctors, and they performed all kinds of sacrifices along with other practices, but still they failed to heal her. For no apparent reason she would run into the mountainous jungle in the middle of the night. As I prayed over her in Jesus’ name she screamed, but the demon left her with no further trouble.


Sulima (center) testifying


A young man named Bitu, about 24 years of age, had a wonderful experience. From childhood his body was abnormal. His hands, fingers and legs were not flexible. Even outsiders could see that he was not normal. At the Feeding Event he testified that something like electricity touched him, and immediately he felt free everywhere in his body (cf. Mark 5:29-30). Earlier he had felt a heavy load on his body, but he was completely set free. Thanks to the Lord Jesus!


Young Bitu was healed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ


A woman named Nilima had problem with breathing. Even when sitting still her breathing was labored. Her physical condition was not good. She was not able even to talk at length. But after the Lord touched her she was able to share for twenty to forty minutes without any problem.


Nilima (center) can now breathe normally


A young boy named Rishikes was healed from a toothache. For a month he had suffered a lot from unbearable pain. He went to the dentist who wanted to remove the tooth. But he was afraid to have the tooth removed. All day he would cover his teeth with a handkerchief. He could not believe it when the pain suddenly left him and he felt completely well.


Rishikes testifies


A man named Tilak had fallen from a tree and injured a bone in his chest. For many days he was bedridden. Recently he able to get out of bed, but still the pain was there. All the pain in his chest disappeared miraculously as the Lord touched him.

There were also many elderly people who remained in their places and testified that the Lord had healed them from back pain, stomach pain, pain in their bones and other infections.

Praise the Lord for this awesome experience with the people in the hill country. How wonderful to see these precious souls added to the kingdom of God!

Thank you so very much for helping us to penetrate a totally unreached region with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Feeding the villagers afterwards